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The Twisted Grip opened in May of 2006.  We wanted to involve ourselves in the  motorcycle community and to provide an alternative for riders to have their machines serviced by someone other than the local OEM dealerships.  We moved to Arkansas from Mississippi and after looking around at our own choices for motorcycle paraphernalia, seen an opportunity to take a shot at opening our own shop.

We feel we offer a more personal relationship with our customers and are more in "tune" with their needs.  We take the time to listen to each customer and help them decide on accessories that are what they are looking for while being affordable of  their budget. While we don't perform what we call "major" maintenance, we try to fill a niche by providing quality parts, service, and accessories at an affordable price in a timely fashion.



-installation of accessories, we handle practically anything you might desire for a motorcycle

- tires, mounting and balancing on or off the machine

-handlebar replacement including cable, brake/clutch lines and wiring as necessary

-exhaust systems, slip-ons, or complete systems

-carburetor tuning, rejetting as necessary

- valve adjustments {only performed on rocker arm type valve trains, no shim and bucket adjustments}

-oil changes, from engine oil only to complete services per OEM vendor mileage recommendations

-chains, sprockets and drive trains

-if we are unable to perform the job we will direct you to a shop that will

Why We Do It

We service all major manufacturers and models of motorcycles and ATV's.  Motorcycle Repair, motorcycle service,motorcycle maintenance,motorcycle towing, motorcycle tires mounting and balancing, motorcycle oil changes, motorcycle fork rebuilds, motorcycle carburetor service. Harley Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris, KTM, 

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The Twisted Grip

1390 Walnut Valley Rd, Dover, AR 72837

(479) 331-2410